Awakening the Untapped Human Potential of Genius

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Build trust, strengthen intimacy and empower your intentions so you may feel even more peace, harmony and joy. ​​

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Consciously Created from the HeartSpa
A nourishing sacred space where ancient whale wisdom is felt with
the heart. 

HeartSong™ Sound Alchemy
With Whale Speak

​​Each transmission of light language, song, and sound opens the heart so you may feel the nourishment of Divine love.  Light Language is truly a language of the heart that has many dialects to include Whale Speak.  All Languages of Light express light codes that speak to your cells, awakening and nourishing them at a deep core level.  Hearing Light Language takes you into the space of deep peace.  With each expression, you go further into the expanse of your infinite potential allowing for expanded connection. 

A Message from The Whales
Whale Wisdom Received by Star Brother

Many are we in your ocean waters. We swim and communicate with ease and do not tire easily.  We see, hear, and feel the frequencies of light and sound.  We communicate with other realms of consciousness.  Our true home, many light years from here, is a place that you may remember.  A place of Golden Temples that hold a shimmering vibration.  We communicate telepathically and we create new portals to explore
 ~ Just For Fun.

There is love and joy at every turn.  Some of us chose to incarnate in whale form to bask in your oceans to hold a higher vibration for this sacred earth.  Soon, we will merge as one consciousness and return Home. 

You have heard our call to experience the HeartSpa so we can share with you.

HeartSong™ Accelerators are for you if

You have heard the call to embody even more peace and harmony in your life.  If you are satisfied with the status quo, no need to subscribe. 

You're miracle-minded, willing to deepen your connections and daily practice.  If you are comfortable with your life as it is, don't bother.

You’re motivated, dedicated and open to rise above stress and struggle.  If you prefer to live your life from what you already know, this may not be aligned with your current path.   
You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion and purpose and that of the children.  If you feel powerless and would rather spend your time fitting into the current state of affairs, don't waste your time.  



My Journey into the Field of Genius

In December 2006, I opened the doorway to my genius after a powerful energy session. From a space deep within, the words, “I AM here. I AM here. I AM here.” pierced my lips after a transformational Chakra clearing. In the ten days that followed, I lost 10 pounds, wrote a book and downloaded the vision of my life path. Eight years later, two years after Light Language and Heart Songs began flowing through, I was called in telepathically by a group of masters in the field of unity consciousness.  These non verbal autistics were teachers in my advanced training.  Today, I use the energy, vibration and frequency of sacred song to position the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious for transformation.  My Presence helps activate, align and attune the heart and mind to the frequency of peace.  The heart songs and sounds that flow through from God/Source/Creator help break through limitations to reveal your true Genius. ​

During my advanced studies, I learned that I was student in the School of Scientific Education at the New Earth Academy.  My doctorial dissertation illuminates The Structure of Intellect and the contrast between the Stage of Greatness and the Field of Genius.  During my ten year genius journey, I received and synthesized formal trainings in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Integrated Energy Therapy, Lightwave Energy, Sacred Song Therapy and New Earth Meditation.

A Role on the Stage of Greatness
As a classroom teacher, Debbie Baker was awarded a Crystal Apple by the local Chamber of Commerce after being nominated by students.  She was one of a select few nationally to receive the ING Unsung Hero award.  In 2007, she was invited to became a Freedom Writer Teacher.  She is the co-author of the New York Times Best Seller, Teaching Hope and author of Become.  Debbie has more than thirty years experience engaging, enlightening and empowering others to live their full potential. She is known as a teacher, mentor and guide who connects heart to heart in ways that are beyond words. 

Debbie's structured education includes:  Associates degrees in Retail Management and Fashion Merchandising; Bachelor degree in Business and Management; and a Masters degree in Education.  Her masters thesis resulted in the creation of innovative curriculum models that bridged the face to face classroom with online learning to better prepare high school students for future success. 

DebOrAh O. Baker, EdM, HjD
Educator of the Heart  

My Purpose is to Empower

   Peace on Earth

My Path is to Empower

   Your Genius

My Passion is to

​  Ignite Fires of Re-Membrance​
Compassionate Educator
"Deborah participated in an event where she brought through her beautiful language of light and wondrous heart sharing related to our beloved nonverbal autistic soul group. She was a star that night! She combines a deep level of dedication, insight, understanding, sensitivity, and compassion along with her strong and well-developed business skills. A beautiful soul!"       ~ Gayle
Heart Centered Mentor
"Meeting Deborah has been life changing. Her healing work, no matter what your focus or intention, creates change in all areas of your life. Her presence is warm, nurturing and makes you feel instantly at ease. She has particularly helped me energetically with heart expansion and deepening the bond with my baby girl. Much of her work (sometimes her presence alone) has allowed me to heal from stress related to my childhood, which has removed barriers of forgiveness for others and myself. In addition, she is one of the only people I trust with guidance for my daughter, which is hard to find and really a true gift."     ~ Bianca
Captivating Speaker
"When Deborah Baker took the stage, a hush fell over the audience.  As she began to speak it was impossible to look away.  We were mesmerized.  The energy pouring forth was compelling, healing, and beyond words powerful.  As one young lady in the audience stated, ‘She’s got powers.’  Deborah’s empowerment activations are astounding.  I can’t wait to see her on stage again.”       ~ Zahra


If you have found yourself on this page, you must have felt a subtle nudge (or a not so subtle invitation--maybe even a YOU'RE GOLDEN ticket) that led you to this page.  If you are reading these words, you, Dear ONE, have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to listen.  I trust by now, you can feel the power of this opportunity to change the world of form.  It is NOW YOUR TIME for you to rise above to the field of genius.