Awakening the Untapped Human Potential of Genius

"We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking we used
when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Heart Centered Innovators
Magnetize your perfect clients and customers to you and expand your innovations

Innovation Incubator™

Around the world, people like you are opening hearts and awakening GENIUS

The problem is, many are struggling to maintain their passion when implementing the newest ways of systematized promotion. . .

Are you tired of trying to keep up with social media marketing?

Are you spinning your wheels learning about search engine optimization? 

Are you feeling technology is becoming a barrier to reaching the people you know you are here to serve?

Are you loosing a sense of who you are to keep up with the madness of using the internet to market your unique gifts?

We have a solution for those stepping into their Genius.  Your PRICELESS GENIUS is best supported with a strong and steady vibrational signal offered within a conscious collective who is ready and willing to join together in the higher consciousness of Unity. 

Join the Diamond Heart Alliance and help CHANGE the WORLD of form for the better.  We are here to co-creare new systems that fully honor the unique genius within all, including that which has been hidden deep beneath labels such as autism. 

A collaborative marketing approach for
heart centered innovators

You no longer need to struggle to fit into a world where genius can be labeled as a weakness. 

I believe that each of us has a unique gift that our world needs, including those who are non-verbal autistic.  AND I have witnessed their transcendent technologies.  This is innovation beyond any other previously introduced to the world. 

With the right tools, understanding, focus, and support, you can share your genius and attract those who need what you have to offer in an ever evolving alliance built on a foundations of unity, love, peace and prosperity and we-Alchemized in synergistic, conscious collaboration. 

You can be part of the full blossoming of the untapped human potential and co-create heaven on earth.  You can be one of the first to learn of the newest trends in heart centered innovation.  And, in the process, together, we will bring Peace into Hearts, Homes and Classrooms around the World.

I invite you to step out from behind the curtain and onto the stage to share you genius and empower the genius in others.

Heart Centered Innovators
Magnetize your perfect clients and customers to you and share your innovations
        Innovate Now!

Radiate your unique soul signature
in the PeaceRx™ treasure box

While there are many souls out there with powerful gifts to share, the challenge is to hold a strong and steady signal in your unique genius in a world were many remain asleep, without loosing the sense of what truly makes you, you.  It's NOW YOUR TIME to attract your perfect clients and customers to you with ease and grace, add your PRICELESS VALUE to the world AND THRIVE in your chosen lifestyle. 

We work closely with a team of non verbal autistic masters to offer this one of a kind MAGNETIC MARKETING service to empower heart-centered innovators like you to change the world for the better.   

We're different because we focus on embracing the unique gifts of all, knowing that stepping fully into our embodied genius is more than enough.  You no longer need to compete in a world of greatness, trying to do it all, to expand your impact and live your wealthy, healthy, ideal life with ease.   

Together, we are on a mission to awaken the untapped human potential of genius to empower joyfilled service and bring peace into hearts, homes and classrooms worldwide.


Innovative, Integrated & Aligned

DebOrAh facilitates a 20 minute vibrational phone call using the power of sound and language to activate, align and attune your heart and mind to the frequency of Peace to amplify your individual intention.  This frequency of light transmits a ray of we-Alchemy Genius to attract even more of your perfect clients and inspire their aligned action.
One of DebOrAh's unique gifts is her ability to hear the whisper of the soul.  With the help of her talented team, she is like an antenna booster able to channel a powerful energy current of Peace that helps break through resistance and inspire divine action.  This timely, targeted individualized empowerment may be sent remotely, via text, email, personal visit, or phone call.  


The Diamond Hearts PeaceRx treasure box is a potent promotional delivery system that uses proprietary Transcendent Technologies of a team of non verbal master teachers.  Each PeaceRx treasure box is encoded for the highest good of all to attract the perfect match.  Your specially prepared business card or post card is mindfully placed in 144 PeaceRx™ treasure boxes.  This unique marketing tool is amplyfied within the we-Alchemy of our conscious collective and allows you to reach and attract the souls that need your genius.


If you have found yourself on this page, you must have felt a subtle nudge (or a not so subtle invitation--maybe even a YOU'RE GOLDEN ticket) that landed you on this page.  If you are reading these words, you, Dear ONE, have awakened YOUR GENIUS and have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to listen.  I trust by now, you can feel the power of this opportunity to change the world of form.  It is NOW TIME for you to share the story of your genius journey.  Your story is physically represented in 144 PeaceRx treasure boxes with the 4" x 6" (or smaller) promotional cards you mail to us prior to packing and sealing the PeaceRx treasure boxes.  Your unique expression includes:  a photo of you, a brief bio, and an active link to your offer shared on the Diamond Hearts International website.  We encourage you to share a 3 minute video with authentic transparency to illuminate your uniqueness in the perfect way for you. 


Your magnetic marketing package includes a PeaceRx treasure box of your very own.  Each box includes a vetted selection of divinely inspired Genius encoded products.  The prototype of each selective gift of love is inspired by a gifted autistic and we-alchemized with the help of a conscious collective to empower peace in hearts, homes and classrooms worldwide while helping support the continued growth and expansion of your genius and the genius of others.  VALUE - PRICELESS


Innovation Incubator™ includes:

PeaceRx Treasure Box
to empower peace in hearts, homes and classrooms worldwide and to illuminate and amplify your unique genius

Energy Alignment and Light Language Activation 
to access the we-alchemy of conscous co-creation

Private Membership Forum
to connect with our like-hearted conscious collective and receive timely, targeted energetic support

Your Genius Illuminated and shared
on your chosen 4" x 6" post cards in the PeaceRx Treasure Box

Heart Centered Innovators
Magnetize your perfect clients and customers and share your innovations
       Innovate Now!

Innovation Incubator™ is for you if

You have heard the call to make an even bigger difference in the world.  If you satisfied with the status quo, no need to register.

You're miracle-minded, willing to take inspired action AND ready to explore your genius.  If you are comfortable competing from the stage of greatness, don't bother.

You’re motivated, dedicated and open to rise above.  If you like following formulas for success that rely on social media platforms, this may not be aligned with your current path.   
You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion & purpose and that of the children.  If you feel powerless and would rather fit into the current world of form, don't waste your time. 

Heart Centered Innovators
Magnetize your perfect clients and customers and share your innovations
       Innovate Now!